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Pro Bicycle Mechanics

Dara O'Neill


Your tutor Dara O’Neill has a wealth of knowledge to share with you on all things bikes. Dara grew up fixing bikes and is known locally as the “go to man” with regards to all things bike related. If Dara can’t fix it – it can’t be fixed! 

Course Outline

Professional Bicycle Mechanics Course – City and Guides Level 2

Unit 1: Introduction, health & safety, parts of a bike, workshop etiquette, tyres, tubes & puncture repair.

Unit 2: Remove and replace a cycle rim breake assembly.

Unit 3: transmission – remove & replace a clycle gear assembly.

Unit 4: Service cycle hubs, cup & cone and sealed cartridge.

Unit 5: Servicing headset assemblies including frame preparation.

Unit 6: Servicing bottom bracket & cranks including frame prep.

Unit 7: Wheel building

Unit 8: Wheel building continued.

Unit 9: Augment a cycle & systematic cycle check.

Unit 10: Strip and rebuild, full change of a cycle frame.