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Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Tuam Community Training Centre was established in 1987. At one point, we sold concreting products and gates on a small scale to the local community on an order system, which were made by the trainees in the centre. Unfortunately, this business died when the recession came and with changes in legislation, it no longer was a viable business option. The centre focused on Education and Driving courses over the coming years. However, it is evident that there are barriers for some people with convictions in gaining sustainable full time employment if they had no work experience. It is anticipated that the development of a vibrant social enterprise sector resulting in people with convictions securing sustainable employment will lead to active citizenship, safer communities and fewer victims. This is supported by the Social Enterprise Strategy of the Department of Justice.

As a result, Tuam Community Training Centre has commenced some small-scale social enterprise ideas which we hope to develop over the coming years.

What is a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is an enterprise:

  1. – that trades for a social/ societal purpose;
  2. – where at least part of its income is earned from its trading activity;
  3. – is separate from government; and
  4. – where the surplus is primarily re-invested in the social objective.

Forfas (2013), Social Enterprise in Ireland: Sectoral Opportunities and Policy Issues

Current Activities

We currently make Picnic benches, in the centre and hope to make planters, which we sell to the public.

We sell bike mechanic “hobby courses” and city and guild courses to the public and youth groups.

We have a limited room availability for hire to the public.

Support from GRD has been very much appreciated over the last number of months in supporting our developments. Please keep up to date with our developments on our web page.